How To Get Halal Certificate

We always get questions like how to get a halal certificate or how to get my products halal certified from our food handler course participants.

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And every time we will give the same answer that is – Understand first the concept of Halal & Toyyib.

After understanding this concept, you can decide whether your business is ready to apply for halal or not.

Based on our observation, 90% of applicants do not understand the basic concept of halal. Later on they will get frustrated on why is halal so hard to apply and why such requirements needed.

If you, like them, do not yet know about the basics of halal, I highly recommend you to download this FREE basic halal guide (ebook).

Isi Kandungan

How To Get Halal Certificate For Restaurant/Caterer/Products

Applying for a halal certificate for a restaurant is not as complicated as applying for a product scheme.

However, if you do not have a good halal assurance system and halal file management, your halal application will be very complicated.


This does not means that applying halal certificate for product scheme is hard. It is just for product scheme, there are several other requirements needs to be met such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

A common mistakes in halal application is documentation part. Because the restaurant or caterer has dozens of menus and hundreds of raw materials in use.

This does not take into account ingredients that do not have halal certification and that are imported from abroad.

But if everything is done systematically, managing halal will be easy.

Steps To Get Halal Certified

General Guide on how to get JAKIM halal certificate

  1. Premise Preparation

    Premises must follow safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The layout in the premises must take into account GHP elements. Drainage system must work properly and no entry of pests (Rats/Cockroaches)

  2. Staff Preparation

    Employees must have these 3 documents, namely a Copy of Identity Card or Passport, Copy of Food Handler Certificate & Copy of typhoid injection which is still valid. For halal application, at least 2 Malaysian and Muslim employees are required.

  3. Raw Materials

    List down all you raw materials used. We suggest to list it in excel or word file and call it Master-List. Once, done, source the halal certificate for each of the items.

  4. Develop IHCS

    IHCS known as Internal Halal Control system which is a new requirement in MPPHM2020 guidelines effective 1 January 2021.

  5. Halal File

    Once the steps above is complete, compile all of the documents into a single file. Halal file must be updated periodically if there are any changes. This halal file will be requested by the audit officer every time they conduct an audit on the premises.

  6. Create MyEhalal Account

    All information that has been collected from steps 1 to 5 must be entered into MyEhalal account. If you do not have one, head to and create an account. This should takes 1-2 days for your account to be activated. You may create this from step 1 to save time.

  7. Submit Hardcopy

    The last step in applying for halal certification is to submit a hardcopy document to the Halal Processing Division

Basic Requirements for Halal Application

  • Register with SSM / Other Government Agencies
  • Register with FOSIM
  • Hold a valid business license from a local authorities
  • Fully operational before applying (Atleast 3 Month)
  • Only produce and / or process Halal products
  • Copy of Food Handling Course Certificate, Typhoid Vaccination Documents and Identity card for all staff.

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